Need equipment for your job? Rent it!

Buying equipment doesn’t always make sense. That’s where our equipment rentals come in.

Renting equipment saves you money, time, and energy.

Avoid upfront costs with buying new equipment. You can save yourself financing payments, maintenance costs, storage fees, and other owner obligations. No one wants to pay for something they don’t need all the time.

Sniper Rentals – Rental Equipment in Seminole, TX

Get more work done for less with affordable equipment rentals in Seminole, TX. Sniper Rentals offers a large selection of equipment for rent at the best prices. Contact us today for help with your equipment needs.

Quick and Easy Rental in Seminole, TX

At Sniper Rentals, we make it easier to acquire the tools you need to get your jobs done safely and efficiently. You can rely on us for skid steers, genies, scissor lifts, tools, trailers, mini excavators, backhoes, and much more.

Discover some of the benefits of our equipment rentals:

  • No interest rates or financing required
  • No maintenance or service fees
  • No transportation or storage costs
  • No hassles of ownership

All equipment is thoroughly inspected to ensure reliable operation. We also only carry items from the top brands, giving you peace of mind and access to the best handy rentals at the lowest prices.

Equipment rentals are the perfect way to scale up your operations, deal with equipment breakdowns, or get a project back on track quickly. No matter the reason for needing to rent equipment, we offer the most handy and convenient solution.

Get in touch with us to discuss what equipment and tools you need. We then provide a quote and work out the details of your rental, including selecting a time and location for the delivery of your items.

Where Can I Find Equipment Rental Near Me?

Whether you need tool rental, trailer rental, or heavy equipment rental, we have you covered. Sniper Rentals serves contractors throughout Seminole and the Permian Basin. Call us today for great deals on equipment rentals.

Seminole TX Rentals

Rent What You Need, When You Need It

Equipment Rentals in Seminole TX offering Skytraks, Genies, Packers, Skidsteers, Excavators, Trailers and much more...

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Our equipment rentals help you to:

- Rent what don’t make sense for you to buy

- Stay ahead of deadlines

- Run more efficiently 

- Avoid costly maintenance & service

Our trained techs ensure safe and serviced equipment for every rental whether you want to fill gaps in your equipment, tools and fleet, or if you need to temporarily replace broken machines, or if you just want to try a new brand or technology.

  • Choose your equipment

    Choose from Skidsteer Rental - Excavator Rental - Trailer Rental - Skytrak Rental - Genie Lift Rental - Scissorlift Rental - Watertruck Rental - Backhoe Rental - Roller Packer - Single Drum Vibrating Packer - Tool Rental - Loader Rental

  • Call us

    Once you know what equipment rental you need to rent give us a call and we will secure your equipment or tools and process your rental. Call 432-788-9900 Today to get started on your rental process.

  • Keep on workin'!

    Once you've chosen the equipment you need and called us to secure your rental, you're ready to get to work and finish whatever jobs you have before you. Keep your equipment as long as you need, we're in your corner.

Our Powerful Brands

Sniper rentals

Money you save by renting equipment.

No Financing Payments

No Maintenance & Service Costs

No Interest Rates

No Storage Fees

No Transportation Costs

No Depreciation Costs